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Our unique digital transformation journey comprises all the aspects of the enterprise by leveraging data to deliver a superior customer experience. Get a free quote today for your infrastructure.

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Data Safety & Protection Services

EdgeXTech offers data security services that can solve many of your data security challenges. Our data security experts can help you discover, identify and protect and monitor services for your most sensitive data wherever it resides.

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Networking Services For Businesses

EdgeXTech Networking Services Company and IT Support, computer installation/repair, remote backup and 24 hr network support for any business. Our team of networking solutions professionals and our alliances with leading network providers, such as Cisco and IBM, can help deploy, procure and configure secure networks.

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Top IT Company In UAE

EdgeX Technologies is part of Growth Arbor that delivers digital transformation and technology services from ideation to execution by combining our talent, technology, automated solutions and innovation with our scaled enterprise-level operational platforms.

Cloud Lifecyle Management
Get end to end lifecycle management solutions for your enterprise
Build smart and resilient cybersecurity solutions for your business
Backup and High Availability Solutions
Protect your data using high availability and backup solutions

The EdgeX Technologies  Advantage

EdgeX Technologies Follows the PDIOI methodology throughout the technology lifecyle

EdgeX technologies obtaininformation about the project through talks, survey form and queries methods toprovide end customer with sound experience solution.

Customer requirements obtained in the planning phase are implemented through the technology’s method.EdgeX technologies deliver the standard, detailed, clear, and be implemented design solution

Edgex Technologies compile the full implementation services and solutions based on the customer requirements and includes, project background objective, engineering scope and responsibility division,timeline and personal management, details configurations and implementation procedure and quality & risks control.

EdgeX Technologies continuethe end customer supporting by routine maintenance and planned preventive measures.We facilitate our customer by during agreed services level agreements that cover the full operation of customer business.

Edgex Technologies provide the consultancy for both hardware and software optimization that enable to meet customer requirements with expansion and technology update.


We build smart internal estimates to reduce your costs and keep your efficency at maximum output


Our architects size your enviornment to advise you on the best solutions that meet your requirements.


We keep monitoring your analytics and business intelligence solutions to make sure you are running 24/7


Our experts maintain and schedule regular updates to keep your teams upto date and systems running for your business.


We improve performance, security, user experience and make sure the expansion and technology upgrade


Our experts keep your systems upgraded with the latest technology and scale the infrastructure as your business scales

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EdgeX Technologies is a company that makes digital transfomration easier of small busineses and enterprises. We are on a mission to grow brands with the best possible IT and tech solutions for the needs.

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